The Luxury of Little Things

Or: What do we need to be happy?

Countryside luxury as we understand it:

What is luxury actually? And what do we need to be happy? Not much, or you could say: True luxury is found mostly in the small, unobtrusive things in life.
Where, for example, can you still see the stars at night in our brightly lit cities? Where can you hike for kilometres on end in solitude? Imagine being on your balcony at night and hearing: nothing!
This is the quiet luxury of the countryside. You need not call it ‘deceleration’, but the word describes the desire of many people to get away from it all, take time for themselves and for the family. No pressure, no obligations. Just options. Living for the moment. Enjoying each moment, with all the senses.
Get to know us and our understanding of happiness. Discover our traditional 4-star hotel, which is situated right in the middle of the Rothaar Mountains nature park in the picturesque Schmallenberg Sauerland region. We are looking forward to meeting you!